At which stage of Parkinson’s can I use the UPRIGHT?

Experience learns that frequent use at an early stage can help to retain a better posture. In advanced stages of Parkinson’s UPRIGHT can be used as a training tool in combination with your therapist.

Do I need to use UPRIGHT at all times?

No that is not necessary. A couple of hours a day can already bring a significant improvement to somebodies posture.

Is it difficult to put on UPRIGHT?

Putting on UPRIGHT is really easy. Besides the normal straps we have for men also the suspenders execution. They can be attached to the trousers like normal suspenders and afterwards you can clip on the UPRIGHT. For women we have a bra execution that can be attached to the bra with a Velcro strap. Both the suspenders as bra execution are designed so that they are easy to put on without therapist or other help.

Do I need support or training to use UPRIGHT?

In principle not, you can use UPRIGHT completely by yourself. It is however advisable to start using UPRIGHT together with your therapist to achieve the maximum posture and motion improvement.

Do I have to calibrate the UPRIGHT?

Yes, you have to calibrate the UPRIGHT at least once and subsequently every time you change your wearing position. Most people wear their UPRIGHT in the same position, they are advised to calibrate their UPRIGHT at least every one or two months.

Is the UPRIGHT covered by my insurance?

It is not covered at present, although we are working on fixing this issue. Whether we will succeed is unclear at this time. In recent years there has been a trend of removing supporting appliances from the standard insurance.

Does UPRIGHT work?

UPRIGHT is een support tool that makes you aware when your posture worsens, it’s no panacea. It is your responsibility to frequently train with UPRIGHT during walking or other activities and use the information provided by the device.  In the beginning it can be stimulating to work together with your therapist, so he/she can help you with setting the right angles and get you started. When you try to do too much at once it can be too demanding for you so that you are within a very short time very tired.